Dessert bougatsa - vanilla cream pie

The preparation is more than simple.

I started with cream.

I boiled the milk together with the vanilla.

I mixed the flour with the semolina and added it in the rain, little by little, when the milk reached the boiling point. I mixed continuously with a whisk, to avoid lumps. I boiled until the mixture became like a pudding.

I mixed the yolks and sugar and added them to the cream. I homogenized, then left to cool.

Meanwhile, I prepared 5 sheets of pie that I overlapped, not before greasing each with melted and cooled butter (the 150 g).

I divided the cream into three equal parts. I put 1/3 over the 5 sheets and folded well.

I rolled the obtained pie and moved it to the tray in which I put baking paper, then I brushed it well with butter.

I did the same with the other sheets and the remaining cream.

I put the tray in the oven, on stage 3, at 190 degrees C, the ventilation program, and I baked until Bougatsa browned nicely.

I powdered with vanilla powdered sugar.

Good appetite!